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Episode 7 | Diane Janzen Interview

Updated: Aug 3

In this installment, Luke and Brian have the privilege of interviewing Diane Janzen, a remarkable individual with a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to community service. Diane Janzen, currently serving as the Chief Administrative Officer of Skwah First Nation, has an impressive background that includes her former role as the executive director of Chilliwack Community Services (CCS).

What truly sets this episode apart is the exploration of Diane's personal journey and the origins of her unwavering dedication.

Luke and Brian dive into the influences and experiences that fueled Diane's passion for community service and social justice. Listeners will gain valuable insights into the transformative power of personal experiences and how they can shape one's life mission.

Join us for this enlightening conversation with Diane Janzen, as Luke and Brian uncover the stories, motivations, and aspirations that drive this remarkable leader. Prepare to be inspired and motivated to make a positive impact in your own communities. Don't miss out on this engaging episode – subscribe to our channel and stay tuned for more thought-provoking content!

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